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Improve Your Mobile Experience!
Download your free mobile market report now >>>

The results from our Mobile in Travel 2018 Survey are in and the results are clear: Your brand needs to be reaching out to mobile consumers. 83% of respondents who send mobile messages report that it has improved customer satisfaction. So, how can you tap into the increasingly critical mobile space?

Step one is to download this completely free mobile market report of course! It will give you analysis, insight and strategy so you can become a mobile master through a major industry survey, interviews with mobile experts, and analysis of consumer behaviors.

Download your free mobile market report now >>>

Mobile is the early 21st Century’s equivalent of the Industrial Revolution, changing the face of consumption and providing a vital conduit to engage with consumers. With this comes the challenge of meeting an always-connected customer with the kind of content that wins their booking and then their loyalty. Failing to do so will mean being left behind as consumers increasingly look to mobile channels to research, book, manage and comment on their trip.

Therefore, travel brands need to better understand and utilize the power of mobile across the entire journey. In order to do so and get ahead of the competition, download this completely free report now to access:

  • A major industry survey of all travel verticals uncovering their mobile strategies and technology deployments.
  • Analysis of how consumers are using the mobile channel.
  • Projections for mobile’s growth across travel.
  • Where you should be investing to reach the mobile consumer.
  • How you can ensure mobile-focused communications are effective.
  • An overview of how you should be measuring and overseeing an m-commerce operation.

Download your free mobile market report now >>>

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