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Can Voice Change the Way We Travel?

Alex Hadwick
Head of Research, EyeforTravel

Voice is the hot investment area for the biggest players in tech at the moment but what is motivating their investment and can AI-powered voice services really change a field as complex as travel? Download this free report to find out.

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If you haven’t encountered Alexa, Siri, Cortana or Google’s growing number of voice assistants, chances are that it won’t be too long before you do. The biggest players from Silicon Valley and further afield have zeroed in on this tech as potentially transformational and one in which they must have a stake. Already this has resulted in billions of devices with embedded artificial intelligence that can understand and respond to voice commands. What does this mean for the travel industry and what will change as this technology progresses?

Download this free report now to find out. The report covers:

  • The state of voice adoption currently.
  • Projections and predictions for the voice market.
  • Why China is, and will be, crucial for the development of voice technology.
  • Analysis of who the major players are in developing voice-based artificial intelligence and the ones to watch.
  • Input from a variety of major travel brands, such as Accor, Heathrow Airport, NH Hotel Group, and the Trainline.
  • Case studies of travel brands currently applying voice technologies to improve their business.

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This report is part two of our How Will Artificial Intelligence Transform Travel? report series. You can find the first report, which studies chatbots in travel, by clicking here and the second report which looks at deep learning in travel here.

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