Does Deep Learning Hold the Answers?
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Alex Hadwick
Head of Research

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The travel and tourism industry is struggling under mountains of data, data that is virtually always imperfect, frequently in different formats, and from a host of sources. How can brands hope to make sense of this confusing and ever-growing universe of information let alone apply it to real-world applications? The answer lies in Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically deep learning.

Deep learning represents a step-change that is getting more advanced as it gets closer and closer to mimicking our own ability to reason and learn. It will transform our world and is developing at a breakneck pace, powering voice assistants, self-driving cars and medical diagnoses. For travel it can create the insights necessary to create better pricing structures, increase click-through and conversion rates, improve search, and build dynamic product offers, to name but a few applications.  

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  • What brands such as Amadeus, Expedia, Stena Line, and The Travel Corporation are doing to harness deep learning.
  • How neural nets have been developed and how they power deep learning.
  • Where deep learning will transform the industry.
  • How deep learning can save time and reduce costs.
  • What the limits are to deep learning and how regulation might affect it.

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This report is part two of our How Will Artificial Intelligence Transform Travel? report series. You can find the first report, which studies chatbots in travel, by clicking here.

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